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Beijing Jiuhong Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional and accurate technique corporation that specializes in researching andproducing suspended platform, construction elevator, work platforms, cradle, gondola,building hoist, material hoist, portal frame, suspended access equipment. Our products have been used in every corner in China, and have been exported to more than 30 counties, such as India,USA, Korea, Algeria, Singapore, Indonesia,UAE, Brazil, Egypt, Russia, outer-Mongolia, Columbia and so on. Our headquarters located in beiqijia industrial park,Changping district,beijing,China.There are 7 kilometers from Olympic village.We have one rental branch company,four sales store,one trading company and two production base.The company covers an area of 3.1 million square meters,Building areas are 2.3 million square meters,the registered capital is 8 million yuan,and own the fixed assets of 80 million yuan.The employees more than 1000 people(12 advanced engineer,30 engineer and technology worker are 55.) We insist in science and technology innovation, occupying markets with innovations, super quality and absolute faith. Our running principle is that quality comes first, customers come first, and reputation comes first. We face with friends and clients all over the world sincerely. To provide satisfied productions and services is our eternal pursuit and promise. Beijing Jiuhong hopes to cooperate with you sincerely. Let us join hands with each other to advance and work for a prosperous future.

Construction Elevators

Building Hoist has a variety of configurations: Frequency conversion system, Monitoring equipment, Layer stop protection device, GPS layer selecting system, Microcomputer wind speed device and so on, which are optional as required.SC200/200 Building Hoist adopted computer aided design. Comparing with traditional building hoists, it is attractive, light, easy to handle, secure, applicable, and popular. Depending on special needs of regular or irregular sections, the lifting capacity can reach up to 1~2 tons, and the running speed can reach 28~38m/min. Moreover, VVVF speed regulation and PLC enable 0~68 limitless speed, automatic layer selecting and leveling as required. SC200/200 Building Hoist is excellent in technical performance, more secure in operating mechanism, and more compact in structure

Construction Elevator's Specification

Item Unit SC100 SC100/100 200 SC200/200
Rating loading capacity ( kg ) kg 1000 2x1000 2000 2x2000
Passenger number Person 8 2x8 12 2x12
Rating rising rate M/min 33 33 33 33
Max.promoting height( m ) M 200 200 200 200
Motor power KW 2x11 2x2x11 3x11 2x3x11
Cage size M 3*1.5*2.5 3*1.5*2.5 3*1.5*2.5 3*1.5*2.5
650 Mast section weight kg 128 150 128 150
650 Mast section length M 0.65x0.65x1.508 0.65x0.65x1.508 0.65x0.65x1.508 0.65x0.65x1.508
Steeve rating rising weight kg 200 200 200 200
Note Special design is available (Such as height,cage size,load and so on)

ZLP Aluminium Alloy Suspending Platform

ZLP series suspended platform belong to electrical-driven climbing and decorating machinery, mainly use to decorate, maintain and clean the external walls of high-level multi-storey buildings exterior construction such as cement coating, veneer, paints, installing the glass curtian walls painting as well as cleaning and maintainence. Also can be applied to the operating of big vessels and brid ges, dams etc.Applying this product can release scaffold free, reduce the construction cost and the efficiency will be greatly increased. Mean while,
the production is simple flexible easy transfer, easy to operate safe and reliable.
In addition to the advantages of a steel one, the alluminium alloy suspending platform has special advantages:
- Without painting and galvanizing on surface
-Protecting of the surface oxygen membrane on the surface can be rust-proof,anti-corrosion.
- Light weight, 65% lighter than the same model of steel one.
- Increase in the effective load and imprive the ability of anti-capsize.
- Transporting and installing are easier and labor saving.
- With bright sliver grey color, good outlook.Therefore, the alluminium alloy suspending platform will be more and more popular product in future.

Product's Specifications

Name Technical parameter
Model ZLP800 ZLP630
Rated load 800kg 630kg
Lifting speed 8-10m/min 8-10m/min
Platform dimension LXWXH(mm) 7500x720x1300 6000x720x1300
Lifting Height 100 m 100 m
Cable 100 m 100 m
Steel rope (specially-made) F9.1mm F8.3mm
Hoist Power 1.8KW*2 1.5KW*2
Voltage 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Safety lock Permission force of impact 30KN 30KN
Locking Cable Angle 3~8 3~8
Supernsion mechanism
front beam overhang 1.3~1.5m 1.3~1.5m
Support adjustable height 1.44~2.14m 1.44~2.14m
Counterweight 1000KG 1000KG
20'ft container 10 sets 10 sets


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